Development Manager/Reservoir Engineer


Profile Development Manager/Reservoir Engineer

The successful candidate will be responsible for the provision of Reservoir Engineering support as well development support for a heavy oil Field, onshore Gulf of Suez, Egypt. The Reservoir Engieer will coordinate development and FDP activities for the field and lead the reservoir Engineering team.
The incumbent will be required to use classical reservoir engineering techniques (e.g. DCA or Material Balance) as well as dynamic simulation model development (e.g. Eclipse Thermal or CMG Stars) in an EOR steam flood in a dual porosity fractured carbonate field.
Other Duties and responsibility include production and reservoir monitoring and evaluation, estimating reserves, develop recommendations for steam injection strategies required throughout the life time of the reservoir, forecasting for property evaluations and development planning for oil and gas export, whilst providing general technical service and technology development support.


  • Coordinate FDP planning
  • Coordinate the integration of all development aspects of the field
  • Develop Development Strategies for the field which will meet both short term performance targets (short terms opportunities) as well as provide sustainability to the business through the development of longer term development plans
  • Build dynamic reservoir models using Thermal simulation software
  • Production monitoring, allocations and reporting and for the Scimitar assets
  • Well and Reservoir management for the producing assets
  • Quality Control of production data
  • Ongoing evaluation of production performance parameters
  • Conducting reservoir simulation studies, material balance, and analytical studies to optimize recoveries for forecasting and development planning
  • Predict reserves and production performance
  • Provide reservoir engineering support to Operations
  • Manage Skills development of Reservoir Engineers
  • Deliver ad-hoc analyses to senior management as and when required, often with tight deadlines



  • Education: University graduate (MSc) in a science or petroleum engineering discipline
  • Previous Experience: At least 15 years of relevant experience in a reservoir Engineering role. The successful applicant will need to have proven ability and experience in Steam injection (cyclic and flooding) Reservoir Engineering and Steam/EOR Reservoir Management
  • English Proficiency: Excellent
  • Computer Proficiency: Excellent


  • Strong analytical and time management skills
  • Understand and apply basic and special core analysis
  • Perform reservoir characterization
  • Perform PVT analysis
  • Use conventional well test analysis to understand and perform reservoir analysis
  • Perform recovery estimates
  • Understand fluid flow characteristics of fractured heavy oil reservoirs and determine reservoir performance
  • Understand and apply recovery processes to recovery from steam drive carbonate reservoirs
  • Evaluate reservoir performance using reservoir simulation
  • Reservoir Surveillance
  • Acts as the custodian of reservoir engineering data, which may include, but not limited to, the following data: production, pressure, well schematics, well history files, PVT data, fluid injection data, and reservoir studies
  • Stays abreast of technological development in reservoir engineering and field development
  • Ability to network effectively with the G&G, production team and other functional organizations in the company
  • The successful candidate should not only have deep and wide thermal reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering skills but will also need to be able to lead a team of young reservoir engineers with enthusiasm. Amongst his tasks are the mentoring Jr. and Sr. reservoir engineers in the reservoir management team. The successful candidate will require having a drive to achieve and good presentation, organization and communication skills.





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