Geoscientists (P548)


We are currently looking for two Geoscientists to join our Subsurface Evaluation team. This team offers a wide range of services to both the geothermal energy industry and the international oil & gas industry. Currently it consists of approximately 15 employees with different backgrounds in geology, reservoir engineering, and geomechanics in junior to senior positions. One of the vacancies is for a project geoscientist with 5-10 years of experience, the other one is for a recent graduate.


As a geoscientist at PanTerra, you work for customers in both the geothermal energy and the oil and gas industry. Depending on your experience, you will be trained in technical tasks, or you will be responsible for conducting technical studies yourself. Various tasks can be part of your work, for example seismic interpretation, well interpretation and correlation, petrophysical analyses, calculation of geothermal potential, seismic risk analyses, well planning and static modelling. If you already have a number of years of work experience, in addition to performing technical work you will be responsible for project management, contact with our customers and training of juniors. You might also be involved in the marketing and development of our services.


All candidates should have a completed MSc degree in geosciences. We are looking for enthusiastic and proactive candidates, preferably with some knowledge of the Dutch language and interest in the energy transition.

For the Project Geoscientist position, we are looking for someone with at least 5 years of experience in the industry, with primary focus on seismic interpretation. Secondary skills in model building would be an advantage.

Start Date

January to February 2023


We start with a 1-year contract, to be extended to a permanent contract afterwards with mutual consent.


PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V.

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