Routine Core Analyst (P535)



PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V. is an international service company for the geothermal and oil & gas industry, located in Leiderdorp. With our team of laboratory analysts, geologists and reservoir engineers, we offer a wide range of services, from conducting tests on rock and liquid samples in the laboratory to writing development plans for oil and gas fields for international companies. In total, PanTerra has about 40 employees divided over the various departments. Currently we have a vacancy for a full time (40 hours/week) Routine Core Analyst in our laboratory. Our laboratory carries out various analyses, for example core analysis, PVT and EOR. In our laboratory team you will work with about 15 colleagues with different backgrounds and nationalities. We are an international company, the daily communication internally and with customers is in English.


As a Routine Core Analyst, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Core handling. When clients send us their cores for analyses, these need to be cleaned (remove drill mud) and slabbed (sawed into half). Following this, the slabbed cores might need to be photographed and you will obtain core gamma logs. You will take samples for further analysis, for example by drilling plugs (cylindrical samples) from the core. The work sometimes is physically strenuous as it involves lifting cores.
  • Sample preparation. Cylindrical samples taken from the core need to be prepared, soxhlet cleaning, sample drying, ct-scanning, brine and oil preparation.
  • Basic Core Analysis. You will be involved in standard core analysis, such as Dean Stark water saturation, determination of density, porosity and permeability.

In the beginning you will work alongside senior colleagues until you are trained and able to perform the tasks independently. You will use working instructions to perform your tasks and standard forms and sheets to report your results to project managers and laboratory supervisors.


We are looking for candidates with the following background:

  • Technical education on MBO level
  • Interested to do hands-on work
  • Interested to learn new skills
  • Proactive attitude
  • Working knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge of MS Office, with emphasis on Excel

For this vacancy we are looking for candidates based in the Netherlands and legally allowed to work in the Netherlands.

Start Date

1 November 2021


We offer a one-year contract with the possibility to extend it afterwards if both parties agree.




PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V.

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